For Court Documents

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Why EZDocFix?
  • Courts have unique technical requirements for eFiled documents and EZDocFix makes sure that those requirements are met.
What happens if technical requirements are not met?
  • The likelihood of documents getting rejected by eFiling systems will be high. Additionally, eFiling systems typically put a hold on your credit card for an amount equal to the court filing fees and if the filings are rejected, those holds are only lifted in 5-10 business days. Nobody wants that!
What can EZDocFix do?
  • Report on documents eligibility for eFiling for FREE
  • Make scanned PDF documents text searchable
  • Convert documents to PDF
  • Merge multiple PDFs into one PDF
  • Split single PDF into multiple PDFs
  • Flatten PDFs
  • Remove Encryption from PDFs
  • Convert Landscape PDF pages to Portrait
  • Resize PDF pages to 8.5 X 11
  • Fix multiple documents at once
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